Commercial Asphalt

Beyond The Surface is proud to offer professional asphalt works to commercial businesses in Lexington, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Whether your business needs general repairs, replacement of current asphalt material, or are starting a new project, Beyond The Surface provides the expertise needed to get the job done.

Asphalt Paving

Beyond The Surface can take on any sized project for your commercial pavement needs. If you are looking for paving companies near me, Beyond The Surface has serviced the Lexington, Kentucky area for over 20 years. As a five-star rated business, we strive to bring out clients professional and expert level asphalt paving. Call us today to discuss your next project.


Sealcoating is the application of a liquid compound to asphalt which will coat the pavement in order to prevent damage caused by water penetration, UV rays, oil, and chemicals that will degrade the material. UV rays can be especially harmful to the longevity of your pavement through cracking the surface ultimately leading to water penetration. Once water begins to accumulate below the surface of the pavement, it can freeze causing these cracks to expand.

Asphalt Repair

Damage to your pavement can come in many forms. Some of this damage is caused by the weight of vehicles on thin areas of asphalt to natural erosion or changes in temperature. When you spot damage in your pavement, you may see potholes, depressions, or general cracking. Maintaining your asphalt and pavement are more cost effective than overall replacements; give us a call to discuss your asphalt repair options.

Asphalt Striping

Whether you need to refresh your existing parking lots striping or are starting a new project, Beyond The Surface helps ensure the job is done properly. Clean and organized parking lot lines will not only bring a higher level of safety, but it will also add curb appeal to your business. This service may also be coupled with asphalt repair in order to correct any cracking present in the pavement.

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are essential for any commercial area to bring safety to your customers. These speed bumps should be at optimal height for proper interruption of vehicle speed while ensuring no damage is caused to the vehicle. Carefully coordinated speed bumps will help improve your parking lot’s navigation and safety.

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